Bell Ringing practice at W Whitechurch
Practice night at Winterborne Whitechurch

Bell Ringing

We have a total of 7 regular ringers in the benefice which forms part of the East Dorset branch of the Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers (SDGR). All Sunday ringers are members of the Guild. The newest recruits have been taught by the team and have been ringing for a few months. The only two towers with bells that can be rung ‘full circle’ are at Winterborne Stickland and Winterborne Whitechurch. Bells at the other churches can only be chimed – Turnworth 3 bells, Winterborne Houghton 3 bells, Milton Abbas 1 bell and Clenston 1 bell. The two bands combine to ring for Sunday services, normally three times a month and practice together from 7.30 – 9 pm on Thursday evenings; 1st Thursday at Winterborne Stickland and remaining Thursdays at Winterborne Whitechurch. We also ring from time to time at Milton Abbey for weddings and also for the annual carol service .

The Towers

Winterborne Stickland Winterborne Stickland has a first floor ring of 4 with a tenor of 7-2-0 tuned to B flat. The most recent addition in 2010 was a treble tuned to D which replaced the existing bell that was out of tune with the others. Retuning was not allowed due to the age of the bell. The Stickland band of ringers are Ann Fox (tower captain), Hazel Harlock, Paul Kneller and Kevin Oakley. The Stickland and Whitechurch bands combine for Sunday ringing as necessary and also for practises. Contact: 01258 881156

Winterborne Whitechurch Winterborne Whitechurch has a first floor ring of 6 with a tenor of 11-0-10 and the oldest bell dates from the 14th Century. The Whitechurch band are John Close and Rachel Deakin. Contact: 01258 880457

New Ringers Welcome!

We are a very friendly group and anyone who is fascinated by the art of bell ringing will be made most welcome on practice nights. Nearly everyone who comes along has a go at handling a bell under supervision. Have a go whatever your age – you never know, it may be for you! Advanced ringing tuition is also available within the branch. Anyone who has progressed as far as Sunday ringing will be invited to join the Guild of Ringers which provides further training and many interesting events at different towers around the Diocese.